Q&A - Why do we use this forum instead of X?

Use this topic to discuss why I choose to use this platform instead of something else, like product X? Submit your question below in the form of “Where X = …” and I’ll reply with my answer!

For example, your reply is:

Where X = “Facebook Group”

My response is:

Where X = “Facebook Group”

1. I don’t trust Facebook with my data.

We already have too much data on Facebook.
It’s just a bliss to be away from Facebook and not have to see ads following us around because our friends or we did something, read something, discussed something on this forum.

2. Searching for old discussion threads are difficult

It’s kind of a pain to search anything on Facebook.
Whatever we discussed on this forum should be retainable and searchable.
If we cannot retain the history of our discussions, how can we learn anything from our past?
What’s the point of discussing them in the first place?

3. Our values don’t align with Facebook’s

No ads.
There are a lot of values Facebook represent and I really don’t want them to complect the values this community/forum represents. There are some virtues to be independent from the major tech companies and I’d like to keep it that way.

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Where X = “Slack”

  1. Limited file storage space in free Slack plan.
  2. Limited searchable messages in free Slack plan.
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